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Vertigo’s post-production services were designed to utilize the latest technologies that keep us at the forefront of creative finishing. Our Post services include but not limited to Video Editing, Color Correction (grading), Sound Mixing, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, and full video mastering for TV broadcast, film screenings, and web media deliverables.


Vertigo accommodates all the tools needed to tell your stories effectively. With copies of all the latest and most popular non-linear editing software, we can handle any project with a flexible budget and tight timeline.


Our GFX team works hard to stay current with the latest design and imagery trends to make visuals stand out and pixels pop.


Our color grading suite is perfect for bringing visuals to life with vibrant details and rich hues. Color correction is completed on the latest version of Davinci Resolve with a color-calibrated 10-bit 2K panel that meets stringent broadcast and film standards.


Our audio experts can help with a simple voice over recording or concoct a beautifully sound-designed masterpiece. By adding music, sound effects, and audio design assets, we can help polish your story with a lush soundscape. We pride ourselves on making audio a crucial part of storytelling.


With access to the most talented Audio Engineers, your story will never sound so good. 


Vertigo has become a synergistic hub for clients, directors, producers, colorist, and directors of photography to create visually stunning imagery with appealing details, tones, and textures.

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